[Asterisk-Users] Fax Detection on X100Ps (Fixed!...I think)

Jonathan Biggs jon_209 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 19:45:26 MST 2004

Glad to hear that is working,

Sorry to hear that you'll have to stand
next to the server and give it that static shock
everytime you want to get a fax. 

Don't feel bad.. I spent 5 hours diagnosing why
mine would not work before I realized that
* had to answer the stinking line to hear the
fax tone... Had debug messages in the code, etc.
Felt like an idiot after that one..

--- Bob Klepfer <bob at photon-x.com> wrote:
> Rich Adamson wrote:
> >Bob,
> >
> >Help the rest of us out now and summarize the
> various *.conf entries
> >that you have working. Might even start a new
> posting with a subject
> >that will help everyone find your samples.
> >
> >Rich
> >
> >  
> >
> I was planning to, Rich, as soon as I've finished
> the long delayed 
> rollout here, if you can call 11 phones and a fax a
> rollout.  I honestly 
> can't spot the change I made to get the card to
> recognize the fax tones, 
> but I'll post and/or wiki-ize my configs soon.
> Bob
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