[Asterisk-Users] NuFone?

Matthew Marlowe matthew.marlowe at gear3outlook.com
Wed Mar 17 09:49:40 MST 2004

If you want all of what NuFone doesn't have, then go with VoicePulse.

The fact that dialing toll-free numbers requires a completely valid and
full ANI is a well known fact. 

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> > I have used both VoicePluse and Nufone. I have to say that 
> the support 
> > and the service I have gotten from NuFone is second to 
> none.  They are 
> > quick to respond, they had me up in no time.
> I have Nufone and I would have to say, their network is top.  
> I have not had any network outages, delays, or otherwise.
> Their business side (and trouble shooting) is not ready for 
> prime time.
> Issues:
>   o no detailed accounting
>   o no way to check your account other than emailing a request.
>     - I may setup a cron job to request my account ballance 
> once a week.
>   o I couldn't dial 800 numbers via Nufone (IAXTel and PSTN worked)
>     - I had forwarded him all pertinent information from my 
> configs - All I got from support was, "Everyone else can." 
> and "I can't reproduce
>       it" and "we treat 800 the same as all other US calls", 
> even after I had suggested that it wasn't him, it was the 
> carrier he passes the call to.
>     - I finally figured out that his carrier requires exactly 
> 10 digits in the
>       callerID, for tollfree numbers.  This requirement does 
> not exist for any other US number.
> I am wondering when Nufone will get serious about being a 
> business with customers to be responsible to.
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