[Asterisk-Users] Intermittent choppy speech using VoicePulse?

Matthew Marlowe matthew.marlowe at gear3outlook.com
Wed Mar 17 07:04:55 MST 2004

VoicePulse has always had this problem.  It's VoicePulse's poor asterisk

Use NuFone.  NuFone & VoicePulse are actually use the same company for

We use VoicePulse as a backup and that's it

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	Subject:	[Asterisk-Users] Intermittent choppy speech
using VoicePulse?

	Yesterday evening, the speech on all the calls I made using
VoicePulse sounded choppy from my side, although the called party said I
sounded fine. Also, the voice mail messages I recorded calling in to the
VoicePulse number sounded choppy. Calls I made over the PSTN line using
my Zap interface sounded fine. 

	This morning, though, the speech over the VoicePulse service
sounds crystal clear on both sides! I haven't changed a thing in the
configuration of either Asterisk or the SNOM phones I've been using. Has
anyone experienced this type of intermittent choppy speech problem using
VoicePulse, Asterisk, and SNOM phones?


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