[Asterisk-Users] Newbie - Bashing head on wall! - RH9 - * -How do I install AVM C2 ISDN Pretty Please!

Nick Grindley npg at itvv.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 05:56:46 MST 2004

Hi Matteo,

I have done a clean install of RH - this informs me that I have Linux
Version 2.4.20-8 - i686.

Where do I download the drivers for RH9 with capi support for our AVM C2
ISDN card?
How do I install them?

I have not yet installed * as I just want to be able to prove that the ISDN
card can do a pppd call to AVM successfully.

Once I know how to set my ISDN card up I feel more confident about the *

Please be gentle with me as all my tech stuff is done in Microsoft - but I
now want to move over to Linux full time. I have already configured a
fileserver, sendmail, backup server etc under Linux and I like the
speed/feel of the thing.

Its just that I can not get my head round the RH9 / AVM C2 driver install.

Many thanks in advance of your help.

Kind regards


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-How do I install AVM C2 ISDN Pretty Please!

> >
> Use yast2 from suse and configure isdn:

He's using redhat, not suse :)

btw, I'm using capi with avm under redhat 7.x, 8.x , 9 and
What're your problems?
please be more descriptive and we'll help you.


Brancaleoni Matteo <mbrancaleoni at espia.it>
Espia - Emmegi Srl

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