[Asterisk-Users] Dialogic? VoipBlaster? Linux 2.4.20?

Jon Myers joeshmo at infoblvd.net
Tue Mar 16 20:54:47 MST 2004

Looks like there was talk of Dialogic support two years ago, but I have
been unable to find furthor info.  (I'm interested in the 'ol D/41D, and
infamous VOIP Blaster support).

I've gotten the fobbit app to run under FreeBSD, but its a standalone app,
Asterisk doesnt seem to be able to use it in any way.  Finding info on
Dialogic under FreeBSD is also seemingly non-existant.

So, If these two things are indeed up and running under Linux, I'd love to
give it a try.  But I havnt touched Linux since the the days when Slackware
was pretty much the only one.  Are these things working?

Also, if someone could be so kind as to send me an email (offlist perhaps)
to a nice 2.4.20 Kernel flavor of a decent Linux distro for *, It would be
much appreciated.  I can figure out how to install it, and it'll only be
used for Asterisk, as I use FreeBSD for all my other servers.  (need Linux
2.4.20 kernel for voip blaster support via fobbit)


- - -   Jon Myers

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