[Asterisk-Users] Q931 Message - Connect - Billing

Daniel Bichara daniel at bichara.com.br
Tue Mar 16 18:10:17 MST 2004

Hi All,

I have posted before asking for a Connect message sent from Zap 
(ISDN/PRI - by *) when receiving a call (incoming) and dialing to 
another extension. To clarify the situation, I will describe the problem:

1) My * box is connect to a Cisco (E1-ISDN/PRI) using a crosscable.

2) Sending a call (outbound) to Cisco, I receive Q931 "Connect (15)" 
message from Cisco only after the other side answer.

3) Receiving a call (inbound) from Cisco, I call an extension at another 
* connected via IAX2:

X.,1,Dial(IAX2/teste at${EXTEN})

Before the other side (${EXTEN} at answer, * sends a Q931 "Connect (15)" message to Cisco and it starts billing the call.

Cisco bills even if no one answer the other side or if its busy.

I tried to setup "overlapdial=yes" at Zapata.conf but E1 disconnects by "Timeout" (T_313 expires - 4secs) before IAX2 complete the call.

I noticed I get a message: "Progress Description: Called equipament is non-ISDN" from "pri debug span". Is that correct?

> Protocol Discriminator: Q.931 (8)  len=14
> Call Ref: len= 2 (reference 32770/0x8002) (Terminator)
> Message type: CONNECT (7)
> Channel ID (len= 5) [ Ext: 1  IntID: Implicit, PRI Spare: 0, Exclusive Dchan:
>                        ChanSel: Reserved
>                       Ext: 1  Coding: 0   Number Specified   Channel Type: 3
>                       Ext: 1  Channel: 1 ]
> Progress Indicator (len= 2) [ Ext: 1  Coding: CCITT (ITU) standard (0) 0: 0
Location: Private network serving the local user (1)
>                               Ext: 1  Progress Description: Called equipment i
s non-ISDN. (2) ]
    -- IAX2[]/1 stopped sounds
    -- IAX2[]/1 is ringing

Any clue? Thanks in advance.

Daniel Bichara

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