[Asterisk-Users] about voice conference system. I need suggests

wangji wangji at bjut.edu.cn
Tue Mar 16 11:20:23 MST 2004

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主题: Re: [Asterisk-Users] about voice conference system. I need suggests

>Have you actually tried playing with that software? Its is very limited,
>and doesn't seem have moved very much in a couple of years. Its a little
>odd. Although Intel presumably wants to sell Dialogic cards, they also
>like promoting their fastest CPUs. What they have is software that
>supports very few channels, and only very simple basic DSP functions.

Yes, I got that software about two years ago and I never see any new
revision yet. I think it just a sample. Dialogic in Intel is a litter
Department with few people than before. Intel will development more powerful
CPUs to instead of Dialogic, I think. I can't remember where I got these
infor, maybe Intel's route map.


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