[Asterisk-Users] OT: cisco 7960G powered by 3com 3CNJPSE

Hermann Wecke hermann at wecke.com
Mon Mar 15 19:43:58 MST 2004

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, stan wrote:
> Is anyone using a 3com 3CNJPSE to power a 7960G?

Forgot to mention that I also have a a 7960G and I tried to use a Compaq
PoE (http://www.compaq.ca/english/business/mobile/wireless/poe.asp) and a
3com Network Jack NJ100
and none of them worked with my 7960G.

When I asked about the "native PoE support", I received these two replies:

From: Peter Lei
Subject: Re: [FWD] Cisco 7960G (off topic)

7960's can be powered over ethernet... it is the Cisco POE spec though.


From: Mike Purdon
Subject: Re: [FWD] Cisco 7960G (off topic)

Any old -48V DC at 5 Watts will do. Cisco can supply the -48V thru the
RJ45 but your switchblade needs to support this.


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