[Asterisk-Users] x100p CLI in the UK

David J Carter david.carter at codepipe.com
Mon Mar 15 17:41:50 MST 2004


May be a bad card, or more likely Microfilter, I have had mine on the same
line as the ADSL for 3 months now and no problems.

As for UK CLI I will be glad when I can get CLI from either BT or Telewest.



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First, is the lack of UK CLI on the x100P hardware or software related?

Secondly, My US Robotics Voice modem does get UK CLI, so could I get UK
CLI and the same functionality as the x100p using a USR Modem with *?

Has anyone done this?

As an aside, has anyone experienced or solved the problem with the x100p
producing a loop condition on the PSTN line (it really mucks up my ADSL
connection something horrid when it is connected).
I think it is due to an impedance mismatch between the card and the
network, but have no way of testing these things. (Dont know enough to
just get out my meter and start probing without risk of killing my x100p
or the POTS Line)
I know the Loop condition is there as a kindly BT eng was monitoring the
line and asking me to plug things in, when the x100p was plugged in he
said something along the lines of: "theres your problem, what did you
just plug in? It is creating a 36 K Ohm Loop condition"

Now the router is not the most stable at the best of times but plug in
the x100p and the line bounces up and down like there is no tomorrow.


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