[Asterisk-Users] Merlin Legend trunk ports

Steve Creel screel at turbs.com
Mon Mar 15 15:17:18 MST 2004

Our telco provided dialtone to the building by way of an Adtran Total
Access 624:

[Telco]--T1--[Adtran 624]--Loop Start w/ disconnect--[Legend]

We have been slowly integrating asterisk, and are currently using this
[Telco]--T1--[Asterisk]--T1--[Adtran]--Kewl Start--[Legend]

So now we can do a fair amount of upstream switching before the calls go
into the legend (or out to the telco).  For the past several days, I've
been fighting disconnect problems (or more specifically, the lack of
disconnect).  Asterisk would receive the upstream disconnect from the
telco, drop the channel on the telco T1, drop the channel on the Adtran
T1, but the Legend would bring the channel right back up.  It looked like
the Legend was just not honoring the disconnect request.  After a little
bit of rummaging, it turns out that the Legend wants to see a 900ms
disconnect signal.  Making the change in zaptel.h took care of the

(Found in the Merlin Legend "Pocket Reference" at

Not that I expect anyone else to run into the same thing, but if you do,
hopefully the information is useful to you.


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