[Asterisk-Users] extensions problem

Jon Lawrence jon at lawrence.org.uk
Mon Mar 15 14:20:26 MST 2004

On Monday 15 March 2004 16:26, Asterisk DEV. Mailing List wrote:
> Your phone supports call waiting, so isn't giving out busy.  I had the
> same problem with a budgetone 102, you can't turn this off on the phone
> but you can work round it by adding
> Incominglimit=1
> Into the sip.conf entry for the phone

I can imagine situations where call waiting might be useful, but only if I can 
acknowledge the call with the phone either rejecting it to a queue or 
ditching the current call and picking up the incoming one - something to play 
with in the future (once I've found a way of getting UK callerID working).
I've added the Incominglimit=1 and that's fixed my immediate problem.

Thanks everyone.

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