[Asterisk-Users] OT: cisco 7960G powered by 3com 3CNJPSE

stan stan at saticed.me.uk
Mon Mar 15 07:28:42 MST 2004

Is anyone using a 3com 3CNJPSE to power a 7960G?  
I have a couple of 7960Gs and 3CNJPSEs but no combination appears to
work.  Both phones work fine with a cisco power cube.  I get a 47.6V
reading across pins 5 and 8 on the patch cable coming from the 3CNJPSE.
The network still works through the 3CNJPSE, just no power to the phone
until I connect the power cube.  Using two straight through wired patch
cables, 7960G running sip firmware version 6.3.  I've tried different
patch cables with the same result.  Note this is a G version of the
phone which I understand is enable to work with 802.3af devices natively
and hence I believe doesn't require a specially wired patch cable.  I've
looked for a setting to tell the phone to get power via the network
without success, is there one?  Any ideas?


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