[Asterisk-Users] Consultants

John Fraizer tvo at enterzone.net
Sun Mar 14 22:27:54 MST 2004

Anton wrote:
> sure, we are an actual running clec so we require ds3 level interfaces,
> 99.9999% uptime, and easy management.

6 nines huh?  Just wondering.  What is the name of your CLEC and in which 
state are you registered?  I'd love to look at your PUC and FCC reports to 
find 6 nines overall uptime on your network.

I'm not saying it's not a great goal and I've seen it done (done it) but, 
I've not seen it often at all.  Especially when any portion of uptime relies 
on network assets that I don't directly control 100%.


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