[Asterisk-Users] Cisco SIP license

Matthew Enger menger at xi.com.au
Sun Mar 14 16:34:13 MST 2004


I had the same problem, the license is bound to the phone, apart from
the record on the invoice, I had no proof of the product being

By default cisco ships the phone with skinny images. To get SIP images
without cco access, file a TAC case and they will give you the images.
That is what I had to do.

Hope this helps,

Matthew Enger
m.enger at xi.com.au

On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 10:13, Michael Welter wrote:
> A few days ago the 7960 phones were delivered. Today the received the 
> power adapters.  However, we've seen nothing about the SIP licenses 
> (which were bundled into the price.)
> Does anyone have a tftp site that I can use to download the firmware.  I 
> would like to use this site until Lewan Assoc. sorts the license issue.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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