[Asterisk-Users] VXML_URL and Cisco 7960 Phones?

Low, Adam ALow at Prioritytelecom.com
Sun Mar 14 11:08:25 MST 2004

I tried to get that working as well and also found it was not available in the SIP image. You can't do pushes either to the phone like you can with SCCP.

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> I was tempted by the wiki that mentions the (very undocumented) VXML_URL
> and suggests it might be able to control the display on a Cisco phone
> during an incoming call using a SIP image.
> I've mucked around with this for over two hours and after scouring source
> code, google, and the archives have found nothing.
> Does anyone have any how to use this feature? Does it even really exist? I
> can see the header being set and hitting the phone - but I can't find
> documentation anywhere suggesting what format you can send it.

It's my understanding, although I've no direct experience, the function
does not exist in the SIP images.

The limitation is highly likely related to Cisco marketing plans and not
to real design/programming capability, etc. (How else would one sell 
proprietary systems?)

Anyone have a disassembler?

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