[Asterisk-Users] Stopping dtmf signals from being detected

Epringle epringle at consolidated.ab.ca
Sat Mar 13 12:21:34 MST 2004


I have a problem where I am routing calls through to a DTMF reciever.
I have 2 local * servers connected via IAX2 (ulaw codec)
When the call is set up it goes PRI zap interface ->IAX2 server1->IAX2
server2->zap interface on a channel bank
The incoming dtmf tones are converted to non voice - outofband signalling
when placed on the IAX2 interface Type=DTMF as compared to Type=voice
The tones are sent through to the far end but are regenerated as 100ms tones
as compared to 50ms tones 
that were sent.  This causes the comunications to this reciever to fail.  I
would like to keep the DTMF inband as voice
which should work as the codec is ulaw throughout.

When the signal only goes through one server (native bridged to a zap
channel) the zap channels no longer
check for DTMF tones.

Is there anyway to stop the zap interface from processing the DTMF tones
like what happens when the zap
channel is native bridged?  Or is there anouther way to solve this problem.


Ed Pringle
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