[Asterisk-Users] Soundcard question

randulo randulo at ssl-mail.com
Thu Mar 11 11:26:16 MST 2004

hank wrote:
> are you using alsa drivers?

Forgive me, I just installed Slackware two days ago, I'm not up to speed 
yet, but I see ALSA mixer app is there. I also saw somewhere that the 
soundcard is muted at boot time and needs to be manually unbooted using 
the alsamixer app. I ran that and it looked like it worked. There are a 
bunch of "snd-" drivers showing with lsmod.

I was also seeing a complaint about "Warning, flexibel rate..." so I'm 
reconverting some mp3 files here at home.

Any soundcard tips gratefully accepted like where to look to see if all 
is well. I need to hook up phones and try to play an mp3 into them to 
see if that is working.

I'll look tomorrow at the office to see if any of these things work :)


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