[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7960 and short delay before voice starts after ring.

Steve Creel screel at turbs.com
Wed Mar 10 13:18:11 MST 2004

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, John Fraizer wrote:

>For what it's worth, I don't have any delay between answer and audio with my
>  asterisk server and 7960G either originating or answering.  It doesn't
>matter if it's a call to/from another SIP/IAX device or to/from PSTN.  It's
>pretty much instant (not detectable by humans at least).  So, there may be
>some truth to the fact that the delay is caused by the Asterisk install in
>your case.  There are so many variables that it is very hard to tell but,
>since I don't see the delay, I am leaning towards it being an Asterisk
>implementation issue.

Can you test this with an extension that goes into VoiceMailMain().  My
7960 and 7960G phones both get the first couple letters of "Commedian
Mail" cut off (usually "...median Mail").

Just trying to quantify the delay we're talking about...


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