[Asterisk-Users] Runing asterisk with voicetronix (fwd)

Augustine Olaifa austino at skannet.com
Wed Mar 10 01:09:27 MST 2004

i am running asterisk, CVS -02/24/04 -13.55.19 (version)

i am have a voicetronix openswitch12 card.
i have installed the driver  with"modprobe" it loads fine.
But when i run asterisk i get a seg fault, this
seg fault occurs at different parts of thye running asterisk . for example
on a first run it gives the fault at [app.qcall.so] , on the second run it
stops at another position say [app.adsiprog]. when forcefully run say  10
times consecutively it reaches the asterisk prompt then gives the seg
fault.It also shows "starting vpb monitor thread....."

please , someone that has the card(openswitch12 voicetronix) working
should help me with suggestions on how to get the card working.


Olaifa Augustine
General Data Engineering Services Ltd
18b oshin road,kongi bodija
p.o.box 29460, secretariate,
tel:- 234-2-8105156

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