[Asterisk-Users] cdr->dst incorrect? Bug submitted. - Bug Fixed

SamW swc at svtinc.com
Tue Mar 9 20:21:38 MST 2004

The bug seems to be fixed on the latest stable cvs branch. Can someone 
confirm if this is not a bug anymore. I tested and works fine for me with a 
macro being used to dial out. But I see incorrect call-times. Also ResetCDR 
command do not seem to work as expected asterisk spits out a warning 
message and CDR will be not reset.

If someone confirm that there are still issues we can open a new bug or 
reopen the same bug.

At 05:07 PM 3/2/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Bug submitted, for this missing functionality. Bug ID : 1141. Thanks for
>who ever contributed.
> > not work correctly. All what I did recently was upgrading asterisk to
> > latest version. Can this be a bug?
>I would say so and suggest that you report this at bugs.digium.com
> > Can this be reproduced else where. (I haven't seen any complains on
> > message board other than me.)
>Yes - the answer of OEJ was a reaction to the same problem that I posted
>on this list.
>Cheers, Philipp

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