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Jonathan Moore moorejon at usd465.com
Tue Mar 9 19:12:43 MST 2004

Yah, I offered that option and the client decided on the Snom 220s so I am not
sure whether they have an issue with the Cisco refurbs or not. I haven't heard
back from them since I emailed about the 220 delay, just wanting to cover my
basis because they are on a tight time frame and it is our first official customer.

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Quoting Andrew Gillham <gillham at vaultron.com>:

> Jonathan Moore wrote:
> >I have a client that would like to purchase 12 IP phones for an office
> >environment. We were planning to purchase the Snom 220s, but apparently they
> are
> >still not available in the US. The new Sayson 480 also would fit the bill,
> but
> >won't be available until April. They have looked at the Cisco 7960 also as
> an
> >option. They tried and liked the Polycom, but the support was just not
> workable.
> >
> >1) Are there any other IP phones on the market with large displays that
> work
> >with *? 
> >2) Do you know of any decent analog phones with large displays/multiline (
> >assuming mainly for caller ID) that could be paired with an analog to IP
> converter?
> >
> >Total package (IP phone and powewr supply or analog phone + converter)
> should
> >probably cost no more than the Snom 220 at about $325-$350 per unit.
> >
> >  
> >
> You can get refurbished 7960G units in that range and new for around 
> $399 according
> to a quick search on Froogle.
> -Andrew
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