[Asterisk-Users] 3 second echo

Jeff Gustafson ncjeffgus at zimage.com
Tue Mar 9 18:57:38 MST 2004

	Sorry to put out 3 messages in one day with similar questions, but this
echo stuff is driving me crazy.  The Openswitch card gave me a 3 second
echo today.  That's really long!  It seems it's only that bad when I
dial into Asterisk to an extension versus dialing out.  I've adjusted
gain levels and it seems I can get a single line x101p card to have good
echo canceling, but not the Openswitch.  Doesn't the Openswitch have a
DSP that is supposed to do the echo cancellation?
	I guess I'm still confused.  Does going with a pure digital line, e.g.
a voice T1, cut out all the echo problems?  It seems that I could do
echo processing in hardware with an Adtran analog to T1 channel bank if
I get a certain module.


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