[Asterisk-Users] adtran?

Jeff Gustafson ncjeffgus at zimage.com
Tue Mar 9 15:32:04 MST 2004

	I'm trying to setup an 8 line PBX with asterisk.  I'm not having good
luck with the Voicetronix Openswitch board.  I was wondering if I went
with a channel bank like an Adtran 750 if I would have echo problems. 
This is the main problem that my boss complains about.  I've tested the
x101p, only a *very* slight echo (to me anyways), but it can only do one
line.  Then we've tried the Openswitch card, *very* bad echo, doesn't
seem right at all.  
	Is the channel bank the best way to go to get good quality without
going all digital (T1)?  What other options are out there?


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