[Asterisk-Users] IVR setup (was "Dialogic supported well?")

Jason Boyd jason at silenttype.com
Tue Mar 9 10:12:17 MST 2004

> I was surprised to find out that even simple IVR apps under asterisk
> started hicupping when over about 60-80 channels were running - and
> all they were doing was speaking short prompts and detecting DTMF's. 
> Admittedly these are busy systems (lots and lots of new calls over
> short time periods), but I've built Dialogic-based systems in the past
> for almost identical app's - and they were able to handle 2 to 3 times
> this many channels on a much slower central processor.

Scott, could you describe your hardware setup?  I'd like to add it to
the list of successful configurations in the wiki, since there's
currently no description of an IVR-only system.  (I assume that below
the 60-channel mark you'd still call it "successful".)

Thanks, Jason

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