[Asterisk-Users] Most common CODEC

Michael Shuler mike at bwsys.net
Mon Mar 8 22:28:27 MST 2004

G.729 is just about everywhere.  A lot of boxes use G.723 (and/or G.726) too
but G.729 ends up with about the same quality but at a much lower bit rate.
Most inexpensive "hard" phones don't use G.723 because it takes a lot of CPU
power.  G.729 gets better results in the same or less CPU.  We always try to
use phones supporting G.729, anything else is just gravy.  If you can use
reinvites then you have no need for the G.729 unless you use the IVR, MOH,
etc. features of * where it is dishing out audio.  Even then you have to
consider if its worth it... After all if you are starting hosted VM company
using * then the G.729 is a must, but if you are just using to route calls
between 2 phones that can reinvite then the codec capabilities of * don't


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> > > G.729 is the best codec IMHO.  Goto
> > > http://www.packetizer.com/iptel/bandcalc.html to get the 
> real scoop.
> > 
> > IMO ILBC beats G.729 in terms of quality, especially in 
> environments 
> > where packet loss can occur.  It's about the same computationally-
> > speaking but it's also royalty-free.
> > 
> > GSM is my second choice but it eats quite a bit more bandwidth in 
> > comparsion.
> > 
> > That packetizer link has no comparisons with any OSS codecs, which 
> > is unfortunate because it seems to pass itself off as an 
> > authoritative source on bandwidth use in IP telephony.
> > 
>      I am not trying to start a codec war or find out which 
> is the best
> protocol.  What I need to know is when I buy a Grandstream 
> phone, a Cisco
> phone, a Sippura adaptor or any other hard phone, what codec 
> is usually
> supported by all of them.  All of them obviously support 
> G.711 but that is not
> the best for use when connecting through the Internet.  Is it 
> worthwhile to
> buy G.729 licenses for Asterisk, or is there another codec 
> that is wildly
> supported buy most phones?
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