[Asterisk-Users] message lights and stutter tones

John Fraizer tvo at enterzone.net
Mon Mar 8 13:26:54 MST 2004

Simon Chappell wrote:
> Hi al
> I have 3 GS 101's plugged into asterisk.
> They work great and teh quality of sound I can not fault. Most people I am
> speaking to now ask if I have a new phone because the quality is so much
> better.

Don't ever use a Cisco phone if you're happy with your GS phones right now.  ;)

> My latest quandry is to do with the message button and stuttertones. I
> dont get either.. If i have a message waiting the only way we know is by
> email..
> I have added mailbox=mailboxNumber for each extension but still no avail.

If you're using multiple voicemail contexts, you will need to have 
mailbox=mailboxnumber at voicemail-context


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