[Asterisk-Users] PBX and Grandstream

Mireia Munoz de jesus Mireia.Munoz-de-jesus at insa-lyon.fr
Mon Mar 8 08:22:36 MST 2004

Hello all!

I am tryng to call from a Grandstream to a normal telephone. The net
configuration is:

Phone --- PBX --- Proxy ---- Gatekeeper ---- Asterisk ---- Grandstream

When I try I call from a h.323 phone to the normal phone I have no problem. But
when I try to call from Grandstrem to the phone that's the message I get:

   -- Executing Dial("SIP/03316404-1cba", "OH323/483317531|20|tT") in new stack
WARNING[1082834224]: File asterisk.c, Line 234 (listener): Select retured error:
Interrupted system call
ERROR[1272687920]: File chan_oh323.c, Line 1004 (oh323_call): H323:0: Could not
call 483317531.
    -- Couldn't call 483317531
    -- Hungup 'H323:0'
  == Everyone is busy at this time

The SIP message exchanged between the different parts are a INVITE - ACK - Proxy
Authentification Required - INVITE (with Proxy Authentificatoin) - ?? And
nothing else. Then I have the message I have written before.

Someone can tell me where is the problem?



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