[Asterisk-Users] Dialplan for voice menu and two extensions

M H la9eea at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 06:17:33 MST 2004

Hi, I need to set up a dialplan for a voice menu and two extensions.
One extension is to a GSM phone and one to a VOIP phone e.g. a Grandstream 
phone that is on the local network here. Most important is the GSM phone, 
the VOIP  phone can come later.
This system is to be used for a very  small business setup.
We are now in the initial stages using the zaphfc driver on a BRI PCI board 
with the cologne chip set that is working OK with Junghanns driver (very 
good and kind support from Junghanns!).

When customers are calling and we are out of the office they get this voice 
menu :

Thank you for calling xyz incorporated blablabla.

Then straight into the voice menu:
Press 1) Leave a message on the voice mail
(This should only be active between 0800 and 1600 local time)
Press 2) Autometically record the callers ID or
let the caller dial his number on the DTMF keypad so
we can call him up after we are back in the office. (What application can do 
that and
how do we record the numbers in a way that is easily obtainable when we get
back in to the office? Maybee even a web interface is available ? )
(This should only be active between 0800 and 1600 local time)
Press 3) Transfer him to the GSM cellphone on the other channel of the BRI 
There should be some kind of security so that if the * dials out to the GSM 
phone thru the
BRI interface, a timeout period should run and after that the line is hung 
up to avoid
very high bills if something goes wrong.

Do anyone on the list have a similar setup or a basis dialplan that we can 
start with to achieve this ?
When I get it to work, I will be happy of course to share that dialplan 


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