[Asterisk-Users] 7960 conference ?

Andrew Gillham gillham at vaultron.com
Sun Mar 7 14:24:42 MST 2004

Chris Clifton wrote:

>I would buy this, but my 7960 is using g729a on both lines that I'm dialing
>out on (to conference), my * installation is licensed for 3 g729 channels.
>What codecs are you using ?  Is there a conference config in the 7960 that
>I'm missing ?
>I can make inbound and outbound calls just fine on this phone using g279 to
>other sip phones and the pstn all day long.
The 7960 can do conferencing internally (without the aid of a SIP proxy) 
and I believe
it can only conference with G.711 since that doesn't required DSP 
resources for each
lines codec, just for mixing.

I'm not sure if you're talking about Asterisk provided conferencing, or 
phone provided.


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