[Asterisk-Users] Voiceplus

Jonathan Biggs jon_209 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 7 07:25:10 MST 2004

Been using VoicePulse connect service for bout 2
months now.

Got outbound calling working via IAX2 very quickly.
Call Quality-Great.
Flexibility with Connect Service - Great
Ordered DID. Was not working initially but they fixed
it.  Total order time, about 6 Days.

Reliability - Lets just say its seems to be getting
better.   Would not use they for only communications
at momement.  Have had several 5 min to 12 hour

Customer Service
No phone number to call is frustrating.  But if they
had one, the call rate would probably go up.
Email Customer Service is Great - Once they respond to
your email, which seems to be the key issue

I really think they have somekind of spam software
there that is blocking out some of my email requests.
Even though I get auto response they got it.
1.  I think I have never had an email answered from my
yahoo account.
2.  I have had almost EVERY email answered from my
WORK email account (Fortune 100 Corp).

Things seem great with Voicepulse, as long as its all
working.  If you have the right email address,
Customer support seems to respond so Its been OK for

--- Mike Hjorleifsson <mikeh at dtev.com> wrote:
> Anyone using asterisk with VoicePlus ?  Looking for
> a new provider
> and wanted to get a little feedback
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