[Asterisk-Users] MFE for TEI=76

Klaus-Peter Junghanns kpj at junghanns.net
Sun Mar 7 06:24:09 MST 2004

Hi Jens,

"MFE for TEI=76" means that a layer 2 p2p connection has been
established between your * and your telco's switch. This is a 
good thing! :)
It looks like your telco is pulling down layer 2 when the line
is idle (probably also layer 1 for power saving). Do you see
a lot of "card X span Y state FZ (A_ST_RD_STA = 0x1Z) messages
in dmesg? Those indicate state changes on layer 1.

I am currently cleaning up some things, so these messages will
only appear if you have "bri intense debug span Y" enabled.

best regards

Klaus-Peter Junghanns

Junghanns.NET GmbH
Breite Strasse 13a - 12167 Berlin - Germany
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fax: (de) +49 30 79705391
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Am Sa, 2004-03-06 um 23.39 schrieb Jens P. Hansen:
> I have a very basic setup using some Sip phones and a QuadBRI adaptor. 
> Everything seem to be running fine, however * spews out "MFE for TEI=76" 
> every 10 sec. or so, on the console.
> Why do I get this message and what may be done to elliminate it ?
> Kind Rgds
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