[Asterisk-Users] zaptel on Debian

Duane digium at aus-biz.com
Fri Mar 5 18:47:46 MST 2004

Hermann Wecke wrote:
> After trying and trying to compile and make Asterisk run on a Debian
> box, I gave up and picked another HD with RH 9 on it. No headaches. Only 1
> build was necessary to build and run *.

The problem I found with debian is how they decided how to do the linux 
header files for everyone in /usr/include/linux either libc6-dev or 
linux-kernel-headers packages...

The fix for me since I roll my own kernels, after a lot of buggering 
about and head banging on the desk, the solution was rather simple...

cd /usr/src
ln -s linux-2.4.25 linux

then just build the cvs zaptel modules as per documents...

of course a couple of `uname -a` in the Makefile would have saved me all 
the headaches but anyways, 6 hours later and all the wiser...

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