[Asterisk-Users] Ahead SIPPS and Asterisk

Craig Waddington craig at xmbsystems.com
Fri Mar 5 11:25:05 MST 2004

What sort of phone are you trying to call?

I use SIPPS and * and it works fine, it just wont work when you call
Windows Messenger for some reason. I can call X-lite, POTS, GS phones no

I use the same config as X-lite, in SIPPS if you click on the spanner or
press F9 to go into configuration and click on network.

You should see aquired? 

Click modify and ensure Gateway is ticked and you have the IP of your
server in there, for some reason it defaults as redirect. On mine I
leave Dial prefix blank.

Click modify again then Ok, which will take you to the config section
for the user, choose "use authentication", fill in the blanks, I found
also putting the "realm" in made it work correctly.

Hope that helps in some way.

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Has anyone gotten Ahead's SIPPS softphone to work with Asterisk?  I get
to register, but when I dial into a number as soon as voice is to be
connected I get a Warning 399 "SDP body missing" message and then a BYE
disconnecting the call.  The setup I have works great with Xten's x-pro,
can't get it to work with SIPPS.  Any hints?
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