[Asterisk-Users] MySQL configurations and other things.

C. Clark [Vistech] champ at bundy.vistech.net
Thu Mar 4 23:56:58 MST 2004

	Hello all, 

	I've been using Asterisk for a little while now,   and decided to 
take a small plunge into seeing how Asterisk would inter-operate with 
a SQL database.  Yes,   I know this question comes up quite a bit,  but 
I had some specific questions. 

	Getting the CDR to the MySQL database was no problem.  Works
great.  Next,  I decided to try out the Voicemail configuration as
the instructions explain @ voip-info.org.   I created my database/tables, 
verified my username/password works and fire up asterisk.    During the
Asterisk startup,  I see (when app_voicemail.so gets loaded)...

"Logging into database with user XXXX,  password XXXX and database XXXX"

	Wonderful!  No errors.  All looks good.   I add a user into 
the VM database (and verify that it's there) - and restart Asterisk again
(just to be on the safe side - the voip-info.org doc's say that the
users voicemail configurations should be read dynamically).  Once again, 
I get a good "logging into database" (no errors) when it loads the voicemail

	When I do a "show voicemail users",  it returns "There are no 
voicemail users currently defined".    I indeed have "users" defined. 

 	I attempted the same sort of setup with the "sipfriends/iaxfriends"
MySQL database configuration.   I add a user into the MySQL database
(in the "sipfriends",  for example) - however,  when I do a "show sip users"
at the Asterisk CLI,  It doesn't show them.   Thinking that the "show"
command doesnt function with the SQL function,   I attempted to register
with the Asterisk server anyways  - this fails with a authentication 

	From the little bit of reading material I've found on this,  it
_appears_ that the SIP/IAX MySQL DB and voicemail MySQL DB configurations
are broken.  Is this the case?    Is there a Postgres way of doing the
above SQL database/dynamic configurations?   The only thing i've seen
function is the MySQL CDR recording.   Thanks for the information in 
advance.  Hopefully,  I'm still being clear on what i'm trying to 

					- Champ Clark

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