[Asterisk-Users] G.729 vs. G.729 pass thru

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Thank you for the info.

How is the sound quality when you are using with G.729 codec?  What's your


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As long as you have a IDE drive available, and mounted when you install it,
it will work. This includes CD ROM's...It's what I did.
Funkiness with the registration process.
As far as pass through goes, from what I understand, it *should*, but when
you have licensed binaries, from what I've seen, it doesn't. It's actually
used 2 licenses. I plan on figuring that out next.


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Hello everyone,

If you don't have Digium card but you want to use G.729 codec, do you need a
license for it?

If the VoIP termination point supports G.729 and you are using sip phone
(soft/hard phone), can you use the G.729 pass thru or you have to buy the

Have anyone test it with SCSI system? Seems like it only work on machine
with IDE disk.

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