[Asterisk-Users] ENUM when your country's ITU representative is uncooperative

Steven Critchfield critch at basesys.com
Wed Mar 3 13:56:09 MST 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 14:40, Stephen Davies wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought it would be neat to put my SIP/IAX reachable systems into
> the ENUM system.
> But reading about it I see that its rather centrally controlled within
> the ITU.
> My country code (+27) is not delegated.  My country has a monopoly
> telco whose only interest in VOIP is to keep it all to themselves and
> not permit any other usage.
> So - what to do?  If I approach the administrators for e164.arpa
> (e164-contacts at ripe.net, apparently) will they delegate 7.2.e164.arpa
> to me?
> I guess that they won't.  (It would be fun if they
> would, for some definition of fun (I once administered .mu 
> and the Mauritius telco thought THEY should administer it)).
> Considering that they probably won't delegate, how about Asterisk
> supporting a second parallel ENUM tree under a domain that we can
> control ourselves?

Hmm, isn't that pretty much what iaxtel and FWD do currently except
without DNS in the way? Basically you are looking for a way for you to
get a few addresses/phone numbers pointed to your VoIP system, and FWD
will do that, and so will Iaxtel. Granted you will then be requiring
your contacts to also use them, but seems that enum is the same way too.
Steven Critchfield  <critch at basesys.com>

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