SPAM[RBL] Re: [Asterisk-Users] Calls not hanging up.

Darren Wiebe dkwiebe at
Wed Mar 3 07:53:50 MST 2004

Thanks,  I figured it was the telcos problem but I appreciate knowing it 
is.  I wouldn't think that Telus (here in Canada) would have equipment 
that old hanging around but I guess who knows.
Thanks for your help,

Darren Wiebe
dkwiebe at

John Fraizer wrote:

> Darren Wiebe wrote:
>> The complaint I'm getting from a few people is that when they hang up 
>> their phones, they still cannot get dialtone for a while.  Two people 
>> said last night that even 20 seconds after they hung up their phones, 
>> when they picked up again, they still did not have a dial tone.  I'm 
>> not sure when it came back.  For most people it works fine.  Any 
>> suggestions?  I don't think it is their phones because it worked fine 
>> for both of them other times.  Then again, I don't know what it could 
>> be besides their phones.
> It is circuit supervision.  Sounds like they are on some OLD telco 
> switches on their end.
> John
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