[Asterisk-Users] Re: [Asterisk-Dev] Routing NOTIFY Messages?

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Wed Mar 3 05:59:36 MST 2004


Others have commented already relative to * not routing Notify messages
so I'll pass on that.

> Currently, my application can send NOTIFY messages directly to the 
> phones in order to turn on and off MWI, but I would really like to be 
> able to send these messages to * and have it handle the routing to the 
> endpoints as * knows all the endpoints due to registration and proxy 
> capabilities. Any input on if and how this can be done would be appreciated.

As a side note, don't expect "both" systems to independently send the
notify messages to a single phone. One system will turn it on while the
other will turn it off. (Sort of like a previous Snom phone problem when
two extns were defined; a vm message for one extn turned the indicator on
while no vm messages on the second extn turned it back off.)

I don't have a clue whether this would actually impact any other functions,
but one option might be to comment out the vm notify code within * and
let your second vm system send its notify messages directly to the phone.
(I'm likely way off base since I can't read C-code reliably. ;)


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