[Asterisk-Users] E1 - Signal - PBX connection

Daniel Bichara daniel at bichara.com.br
Tue Mar 2 10:02:09 MST 2004

Hi all,

I've posted another message yesterday about the same problem. I will try 
to be more detailed to get some help from the list:

I am connecting two PBX (PBX-A and PBX-B) using two * (*-A and *-B). 
Asterisks are connected via IAX2.  The PBXs area connected to each * 
using an E1.

PBX-A <-- E1 --> *-A <-- IAX2 --> *-B <-- E1 --> PBX-B

When an extension from PBX-A calls an extension at PBX-B, PBX-A calls 
*-A that calls *-B and then PBX-B. The problem is: if extension at B is 
busy, *-A returns Normal Call Clear to PBX-A and PBX-A bills the call 
normally. I contacted PBX support and they said me  *-A should return a 
different value to PBX-A (I think it is busy detected).

iax.conf at PBX-A:


extensions.conf at PBX-A:

exten => _.,1,Dial(IAX2/pbxb at${EXTEN})

I tried to insert "|r" for ringback-only at Dial command and there is no 

I search the mailing list and I found some emails about Call Signalling 
and IAX protocol.

Any clue?


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