[Asterisk-Users] Does it exist - DNS "TX" record?

Duane digium at aus-biz.com
Tue Mar 2 04:25:42 MST 2004

Chris Lee wrote:

> If the details of this server were in my DNS then anyone trying to call 
> someone at cybericom.co.uk could find the server to make the connection 
> with.

Yes DNS has a TXT field, but in this case I think you're after ENUM.164,

See the following URLs for details about ENUM:


however the problem with enum is the lack of wide spread deployment...

Which has annoyed myself and others to try and think of a solution to 
deploy our own enum zone, but without conflicting with existing numbers, 
as using pots numbering would have 1 or 2 side effects, firstly people 
lie and abuse systems. Technically you could get people singing up with 
phone numbers for the white house.

Using pots numbers could lead to serious privacy issues for individuals, 
businesses want people to find them, individuals might not want their 
phone number linked with their email, web address and so on and so forth 
and easily handed over to any and all that do a DNS lookup on their 
phone number.

So what do you do? Well myself and a few friends bashed our heads 
together then started reading through a ton of ITU information about 
international direct dialling prefixes and found +882 is set aside for 
international bodies (companies) that provide communications such as 
satellite phones and the like. From that range ITU allocates sub 
prefixes 00 to 99 so far they're up to 34.

Long story short this is the area most likely to be given to any sort of 
parallel system trying to get an enum service running.

We've hacked up a few webpages to inject dns entries into mysql which 
power dns then spits out on request.

To try this or even just to have a curious look go to:


A lot of the work on this is for the benefit of community wireless 
groups, but is also useful for the wider internet community as well.

Best regards,

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