[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk on Feebsd , pls. HELP !

Jason T. Nelson jtn at jtn.cx
Mon Mar 1 17:39:48 MST 2004

In our last exciting episode, NetOne Administrator (root at net1.cc) said:
> FreeBSD asterisk port is *NUTS*
> Don't use it!

Huh? My port install of 0.7.2 works well. It does core every so often, but
even IAX2 works (somehow). I have a functioning peer connection with

> Asterisk compiles just fine on BSD, if you are using 4.x-RELEASE, and 
> not using chan_h323, chan_oss, zaptel & libpri.

Correct. I'm using it with many SIP-based VoIP connections now, plus the
one IAX2 connection as mentioned above.

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