[Asterisk-Users] Small office requirements - Can this be done?

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Mon Mar 1 10:41:31 MST 2004

Angel Gabriel said:
> I have 5 BT phone lines coming into my office. We use four for
> international calls, and one for local/mobile calls. We have just obtained
> another call carrier, and now we would like to be able to make calls from
> any phone to any carrier, without having to remember what details to tap
> into the phone. I would like all calls to be prefixed with the relevant
> codes, so that my employees can all dial direct. Also, incoming calls, I
> want them all redirected to just one phone, the one in reception, and then
> diverted as required. Is the above possible??

You will have to have a way of determining which  which carrier and/or
line should be assigned to each call.   Can you explain how you would make
that determination?  Once that is known then you will know how to build
the dialplan to support it.  Asterisk can add or subtract digits to/from
dialed numbers so its no problem to add the carrier selection codes to the
front of the number (assuming it works the same way there as here in
Germany and the USA).

What do you mean by "diverted as required"? You will need to specify the
diversion rules.  examples:  If operator is busy, ring phones 2,3.  If its
night then go to voicemail.  If the call is from the boss's cell phone
then forward it to your cell phone.


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