[Asterisk-Users] Special Delivery from China

Jay Milk jay at skimmilk.net
Wed Jun 30 14:57:21 MST 2004

I received a sample IP/Speakerphone from my friends in China today.
Asterisk setup was fairly uncomplicated and I had it running as an
extension on my server within a few minutes.  Sounds quality of both the
receiver and the speakerphone are fine (wife's opinion).  Are there any
tests I should run with this phone?

Following are the specs:
- Single line appearance
- Alpha display, 2x16 chars
- Configurable by telnet and http; password protected
- upgradeable by tftp
- Protocols: sip, mgcp, h323 (only tested SIP)
- DHCP or static address; support for NAT traversal
- g729,g711u,g711a,g723
- configurable ringtones, user-downloadable ringtones
- hold button works with asterisk
- inband, rfc2833 dtmf-modes
- second RJ45 PC port

- 8.5" x 8.0" x 2.0" (WxDxH)
- flat-black plastic
- LCD can be tilted up for visibility up to about 80 degrees
- Large number buttons, 13 function buttons (redial, volume, etc)

- Caller-ID Name doesn't seem to work
- MWI doesn't seem to exist
- Dialplan isn't very flexible (pretty much requires #/send for all
- PC port *may* be legacy (10mbps), not FastEthernet (100mbps); not yet

Requested improvements:
- Second line appearance
- configurable soft-keys
- distinctive ring w/ auto-answer

I should be able to resell these for $75 in quantity, $80-$85 for
samples/endusers.  Any takers?  Once the CID Name & MWI are fixed, I'll
set up a pre-order list, and if there's enough interest I'll import a

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