[Asterisk-Users] Support for CENTOS-3.1

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Wed Jun 30 05:56:33 MST 2004

> Anyone know if Asterisk and Digium Hardware supports Centos-3.1 which
> is clone of Redhat Enterprise 3.1 server.?

No, it is not **SUPPORTED**, when you don't buy support.

But yes, it is probably running out of the box if you follow the docs.

Linux distros are quite similar from a program's point of view. If you can 
compile it on SuSE, Debian, Gentoo, Slack, RedHat etc it will probably 
also run on other distros.

For this reason (and others), open source and free Linux software tools 
usually don't support only one distro, but none or all, depending on your 
definition of support :-)

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