[Asterisk-Users] zaphfc - hfc pci based ISDN card : point2point & DDI

Klaus-Peter Junghanns kpj at junghanns.net
Wed Jun 30 04:41:40 MST 2004

> I'm taking a slight tangent here, but stay with me.....
> It looks like there are three methods of using HFC-S based ISDN BRI cards
> with *. Capi (via capi.conf), zaphfc (via zapata.conf), and isdn4linux (via
> modem.conf). Why, and which one is better and for which reasons?

zaphfc is the best solution, because you get a zaptel timing source, 
NT mode support and echo cancelation!

capi would be the next option, but then you would need to use mISDN
which is not as stable.

isdn4linux shouldnt be used at all. It is good for data application
but unusable for voice (you will enjoy lots of echo and an increasing

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