[Asterisk-Users] Compile error with CVS HEAD zaptel

Whisker, Peter Peter.Whisker at logicacmg.com
Wed Jun 30 04:06:38 MST 2004

I get a compile warning when building zaptel (current CVS head) against
2.4.18 kernel (Debian stable dist)

zaptel.c: In function `zt_net_close':
zaptel.c:1238: warning: implicit declaration of function `hdlc_close'

It completes but fails to install with modprobe finding unresolved

This error was introduced with the introduction of the second clause of the
statement below in zconfig.h

#if defined(CONFIG_HDLC)  || defined(CONFIG_HDLC_MODULE)

Clearly there is a problem building against the kernel modules in 2.14.18 as
hdlc_close does not exist. There is no problem if I comment out the second
part from and including the || above.

It builds ok against 2.4.23 but I need to keep 2.4.18 for cnxadsl


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