[Asterisk-Users] zaphfc - hfc pci based ISDN card : point2point & DDI

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Wed Jun 30 03:26:44 MST 2004

> Have someone got a list of bristuff compatible ISDN card ?

As usual, there is a canonical answer: it's in the WIKI.

> I have, for example, some DIGI (datafire) cards that have an HFC-S
> chipset but that are not recnognized by zaphfc .... some other brands,
> same chipset but different revision (last number on chip, I guess is
> revision code) are working ok.

Maybe you use "lspci -n" to find out the hexadecimal device IDs of those 
cards and change them in zaphfc.c. Replace PCI_VENDOR_ID_CCD and 
PCI_DEVICE_ID_CCD_2BD0 with the numbers you've got, e.g.

  tmp = pci_find_device(0x1234,0x55cc, multi_hfc);

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