[Asterisk-Users] zaphfc - hfc pci based ISDN card : point2point & DDI

Robinson Tim-W10277 Tim.Robinson at motorola.com
Wed Jun 30 02:19:35 MST 2004

We are using the HFC card in point-to-point mode with DDI.

I am using bri-stuff-0.0.2 as well.

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Hello Tomaz,

Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 10:58:56 AM, you wrote:

T> hello,

T> anyone has worknig ISDN hfc-pci card in DDI (DID) point2point mode? 
T> what kernel ?

Dunno what DDI is but I'm currently using a HFC card in NT mode
point2point using the package bristuff with fedora core 1 and
his "out of the box" kernel.

T> and second question mISDN driver .. anyone has working solution with 
T> mISDN and maybe fritz card?

T> what you suggest for DDI -> point2point mode (card,kernel,chan_..., 
T> ...) ?

T> thank you,
T> Tomaz
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Best regards,
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