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Jean-Yves Avenard jean-yves.avenard at hydrix.com
Tue Jun 29 15:25:52 MST 2004

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On 30/06/2004, at 1:01 AM, Steven Critchfield wrote:
> Plain and simple, this is a complex subject matter, it WILL take time 
> to
> learn. There may not be quick answers for you unless it is to hire
> someone else to do it for you. This is a fact of life. Learning is not
> always easy. Many of us have spent a LARGE sum of money on tools and
> documentation, and then there is the amount of time.

Hum I see.

I was hard and expensive for you ; so let's make it the same for the 
rest of the world.

Randy is right here, knowledge may be there written somewhere ; 
unfortunately this way it has been put together is not the most 
efficient one.
But that's the good news ; it's something WE (meaning all of us) can 
work on and improve.

As previously mentioned, the wiki very often links to another page on 
the wiki, which usually link back some way or another to the previous 
page: rather frustrating.

I will see if I can work on a newbie guide ; because i think the 
existing documentation assumes a pretty strong background in the 
telephony field.
As an example, if you wanted to set-up a simple voice system for your 
home ; you would have to know the differences between FXS and FXO , 
what a channel is, FXO using FXS signaling etc etc.. All those terms 
are not defined anywhere in a single place. I only found this 
information bits by bits on various pages. The most useful one was this 
web page http://www.automated.it/guidetoasterisk.htm but it's not 

My intention here was not to *whinge* rather more pointing out some 
obvious issues and how we could address them ; it's open-source for a 
reason. I'm sorry if I offended anyone I didn't want to give the 
impression the come here and criticize all your work.
I'm very excited about this new technology.
I bough a TDM cards with 4 fxo modules, 9 telephones to play with 
hoping to very quickly replace our crappy analog pbx system with 
Asterisk after I had a great demo from Digium Australian distributor.


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