[Asterisk-Users] Modems behind Asterisk - how?

Andrew Yager andrew at rwts.com.au
Tue Jun 29 08:11:15 MST 2004


Looks like your message got lost in the thread.

On 29/06/2004, at 8:47 AM, John Vogel wrote:
> 1. Use 4 Sipuras (approx. $400). Only problem is, I can't get this to 
> work! Sipura says use the G711 codec but it's not working for me. 
> Anybody have this working?

I haven't got any Sipura's to test, but I tried and failed with 
Grandstream 286's. My general experience (and advice I have been given) 
is that transferring modem data across a network is a bad thing - any 
jumps in the call, and any lag at all will cause the whole thing to 
fail. It's generally OK for fax, but remember that fax works at a 
significantly lower speed to modem transfer.

> 2. Use 8 FXS ports (approx. $700). Haven't tried this yet but it is 
> more expensive.

I have managed to get a single FXO to FXS working for a dialup modem, 
although I was only getting 24000bps. I am told (although I haven't had 
the opportunity to try yet) that when I connect to a digital ISDN line 
for the incoming calls, I will get better throughput (closer to 56k). 
That said, this is probably your best option.


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